Why We Are Where We Are

Monday, September 05 2011

They say the three secrets for a successful business are location, location and location. Here at Atrium, we tend to agree. Part of the the appeal of our facility is how convenient it is to, well, everywhere. Located in West Augusta, near the intersection of Wheeler Road and the Bobby Jones Expressway, Atrium offers easy access to downtown (scoot down Wheeler and Walton Way), South Augusta (drop on to the Bobby Jones), Columbia County (a few minutes down Wheeler) and, further afield, Columbia and Atlanta (there’s an I-20 exit less than five minutes from our front door. We’re easy to find. We’re easy to get to. You know that old saying ‘You can’t get there from here”? At Atrium, it just doesn’t apply.


Welcome to Atrium

Thursday, September 01 2011

Here at Atrium, we’ve always prided ourselves on providing space that was comfortable, inviting and conducive to good work for our tenants. It’s the reason the building has proved one of the more popular office spaces in the Augusta area.

So it only makes sense that our web site accomplish some of those same goals.

Welcome to the Atrium’s new digital home.

We’ve set this site up with our tenants, both present and potential in mind. It focuses not only the business of the building, but also building business. Here you’ll find office space specs, Atrium particulars and contact information. You’ll also find news, business and financial Twitter feeds and a regularly updated blog section. At Atrium we pride ourselves on being more than merely a place where people come to work.

Atrium is a community.